The pool will be closed for the following weather related reasons: • Lightning
If lightning is sighted the outdoor pool will be closed immediately and
will remain closed until 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning. • Temperature
For the outdoor pool to open for recreational swim the air temperature
must be at least 70 degrees by 11am and 3pm. (To open at noon and
4pm) If it is not 70 degrees by 11am the outdoor pool will remain
closed until 3pm. If at 3pm the air temperature is not 70 degrees the
outdoor pool will be closed for the day. • Rain
The outdoor pool can be open during rain but must be closed
immediately if the lifeguards are unable to see the main drain at any
time. • Tornado Warning
During a tornado warning all outdoor pool users will go into their
respective restrooms. Once in the building will follow the instructions
given by the pool staff on how to perform tornado procedures. Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued for pool closures due to inclement weather
regardless of size of group or time spent in facility after purchasing day